How Many Alphabets In The Letter

Alphabet represents the set of letters and is arranged in a specific order. The letters produce different sounds for the languages spoken all over the world. The interesting thing in languages is that different languages have different alphabets that are used to represent their sound. Not only this but also, all these languages have a different number of alphabets in them. So, to know the exact number of alphabets, you must refer to a certain language to know. Given below are some of the languages that are used all over the world, explained with the number of letters they include.

Letters In The English Language:

English is one of those languages that are spoken widely around the globe. There are about 1.5 billion English speakers in the world. Referring to it, different versions of the English language are spoken all over the world. The versions are American accent and British accent. However, in both cases, there are 26 letters. These letters are A, B, C, D, and so on ending the limit at Z. These letters can be used in both ways, either as an uppercase or lower case. According to the history of the English alphabets, 27 English alphabets were used until 1835. “&” was the 27th letter that was used right after “Z”.

Letters In The Korean Language:

The Korean alphabets have two different names i-e. Hangul and Chosongul. However, in both cases, the Korean alphabet consists of 24 characters. These characters also have vowels in them. It is always a difficult task for the non-Korean to write the Korean language as they are arranged in such a way that they become syllables. So, the character that looks single to us could be a combination of different characters that make a sound.

Letters In The German Language:

German is a language that is mostly spoken in Central Europe. The German language is not much different from that of the English Language. Similar to the English alphabet, the German language also has 26 characters. However, there are some pronunciation and formatting differences in the German language but like English speakers, Germans also use 26 alphabets in their language.

Other than this, there are four more characters apart from 26 characters but not included in the alphabets. These four characters are given a separate name that is “umlauts” and is used to create a sharp sound.

Letters In The French Language:

French is an official language in about 29 countries. It is spoken in multiple continents. The letters count of the French language is 26 and that too based on the Latin alphabets. As there is a close relationship between the English and French languages, it also consists of 26 letters. However, some different accent letters make a difference. But these are not considered as the additional letters. They are called modifiers.

At last, we all know that it doesn’t matter how many letters in the alphabet are because the alphabets are not that enough to communicate with one another. There are various occasions where the game of charades comes into action and handles the situation where verbal communication fails. It could not be that helpful sometimes, but it is even not that poor to consider.