How Many Letters In The Alphabet?

Looking for the number of letters in the alphabets depend a lot upon language about which one is referring to. Most commonly, many of the people just assume that someone is talking about English but the fact is there are still a lot more languages there which also have character count. So, given below are some of the world’s most used and popular languages along with their character counter details.

English Alphabet:

If we talk about the number of letters in the English alphabet, there are 26 letters. They consist of a, b, c, d, e, f, and up to x, y, and z. About 200 years ago, there were 27 letters in English alphabets. However, according to the English alphabet, in 1011, W, J, and U were not the part of English alphabet but later on, in the 16th century, they were added as well. After that, until 1835, the English alphabets were considered to be 27 in number having “&” written right after z.

Arabic Alphabet:

Arabic alphabets are 28 in number and are written from right to left. The Arabic alphabet is the second most used writing system all over the world. Arabic alphabets are having all the consonants in it but it does not mean that there are no vowels. Vowels are also present there but they are represented by a mark. A glyph mark is added to the consonant and makes it a special character. These vowels are essential when you are quoting the Quran or writing a boom for children otherwise these are ignored normally.

Chinese Alphabet:

You have to go through a long way if you want to have a proper understanding of the Chinese alphabets. However, for functional literacy in Chinese, you only need to know three or four thousand characters. The word only shows that there is not a small number for Chinese characters present it consists of tens of thousands of Chinese characters. And it is almost very difficult to count them all individually. Anyhow, the useful Chinese characters are about 3000 to 6000 in numbers. Comparing to 26 English alphabets, Chinese useful characters are still huge in number.

Russian Alphabet:

Are you looking to learn the Russian language? You will have to go with 33 letters to learn. These 33 letters have vowels in them, consonants, and additional signs as well. 10 of these 33 letters are vowels whereas 22 letters are consonants. Along with this, two additional signs are also there in the Russian language alphabets. The Russian language is a language that is a type of speech sounds. So, to learn the Russian language, you can learn what the sound represented by every letter.

At last, while you are looking for a word count or character counter, it will help you a lot to get the number of letters in the alphabet but remembering that alphabets are not everything when it comes to communication. Sometimes when you fail in verbal communication, charade games help you to get rid of some tight spots. It does not prove to be a very effective way, but it always ends up in a laughter condition.