How Many Pages Are 500 Words

In the daily routine, many people face this problem and are looking for the proper answer to this question. As we are given different assignment but sometimes instead of the word count the teacher mention total pages in the requirement. For example, write on a particular topic and it should be 5 pages long. After selecting the topic the first thing that will come in your mind is how many words are there in five pages?

Is There Any Specific Word Count For A Page?

The fact is that you can never exactly tell a specific number of words for this answer. As the word limit on each page depends upon different significant factors that can vary from one person to another. These factors include font size, font family, paragraph length, the margin on the paper, and much more. Let me explain it with an example. An assignment made using the font size twelve will have more number of words as compared to the assignment that is made using the font size 14 and margins around the paper.

Significance Of Word Count In An Assignment:

If the assignment is given you according to the page number or word count, in both the case it is essential to keep the word count within the limit. You can check the word count of your content using the word counter. Whereas because of no specific limit of word count on the page, most assignments are given according to word count instead of page count. For example, mostly assignment is now given like write on a particular topic in 1000-2000 words instead of write on a particular topic in 2-3 pages. But if you are still given an assignment according to the page count then the below information will be very useful for you.

How Many Pages Are 500 Words:

Keeping the thumb rule in mind, it is very easy to answer the above question. In the thumb rule, we will consider the common factors that are used all over the world and answer the question accordingly. Following is the list of word to page version that can help you get an idea of words in pages:

  • If we talk about words with a single space then 1 page will be 500 words.
  • If we talk about words with double space then 2 pages will be 500 words.

Similarly for your help, some other conversions with different counts are given below:

  • 1000 single-spaced words are equal to 2 pages.
  • 1000 double spaced words are equal to 4 pages.
  • 1500 single-spaced words are equal to 3 pages.
  • 1500 double spaced words are equal to 6 pages.
  • 2000 single spaced words is equal to 4 pages.
  • 2000 double spaced words are equal to 8 pages.

And this way the count goes on. After completing your content, you can also check the word count through the word counter tool.

Final Words:

In general, there is no specific limit for words on a page, but looking at the thumb rule the above conversion is the accurate result. You can check your words easily in some simple steps using the  word counter.