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How Many Alphabets In The Letter?

Alphabet represents the set of letters and is arranged in a specific order. The letters produce different sounds for the languages spoken all over the world. The interesting thing in languages is that different languages have different alphabets that are used to represent their sound. Not only this but also, all these languages have a […]

How Many Paragraphs Are In An Essay?

It is not compulsory to have a specific number of paragraphs in an essay. However, there should be at least three paragraphs to write an impressive essay. Sometimes you will be asked to write five paragraphs in an essay. You can go with that, but still, that is not a rule to stick to it. […]

How Many Pages Are 1000 Words?

You may have heard from your teacher or instructor to write an essay of 1000 words or sometimes more than it. But the question that arises is how many pages are those 1000 words consist of? We are here to help you with that and to answer your question considering all the factors that are […]

How Many Sentences Are In A Paragraph?

You may have learned various rules explaining the ideal length of the paragraph. It could be telling that paragraph should consist of 100 to 200 words or it should not be more than five to six lines. However, the measurement of the best paragraph should not depend on characters or words. The best measurement of […]

How Many Pages Are 1500 Words?

How many pages are required while writing a specific number of words? It is the question that arises from time to time. There are many occasions that you have to write something considering the number of pages instead of the number of words. At such moments, you always think about how many words there will […]