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How Many Letters In The Alphabet?

  Looking for the number of letters in the alphabets depend a lot upon language about which one is referring to. Most commonly, many of the people just assume that someone is talking about English but the fact is there are still a lot more languages there which also have character count. So, given below […]

How Many Words In A Paragraph?

If you are a writer or stay in touch with writing, then in any phase of life, you may have thought about the question that how many words are there in a paragraph? However, the answer to this question can never be the same. The way you can not tell how many sentences are there […]

How Many Words Are 2000 Characters?

One of the most confusing thing while writing an essay, assignment, or an article is the word count. Many of the professionals and students don’t know how many words they should write for a particular task. One of the major queries seen on Google is how many words are 2000 characters? Generally, when it comes […]

How To Write A Good Conclusion

Are you also unaware of the significance of writing a conclusion and also the right way to write it? So keep reading this article as this blog is all about the importance, strategies, functions, and effectiveness of writing a good concluding paragraph. Literal Meaning: The conclusion is usually described as a judgment after reasoning and […]

What Is The Difference Between Effect And Affect?

Are you looking for the difference between affect and effect?  Your search is over. Here you will find the difference of affect and effect in clear and simple words and your confusion will be cleared. In grammatical terms, affect is a verb that represents an action, means change, or an impact. Whereas effect is a […]