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How Many Characters In A Facebook Post?

Facebook always provides a wow factor for the users with its features. Keeping the tradition alive, Facebook surprises its user with a reasonable amount of character count of 63206 characters. The character count you get to write for a Facebook post is more than a novel, that clearly states that it’s the best platform to […]

How Many Words In The English Language?

One language that has been universal and is spoken all over the world in English. However, old age English has unfolded into new English. If you get a chance to explore the old English, I can bet without any doubt you would not understand a single word of it. This proves the difference between the […]

How Many Pages Are 2000 Words?

Before digging deep into the topic, let’s see if you know about the documents that contain 2000 words? Don’t you know it? Let me make it clear for you. Many documents generally contain 2000 words in total. These documents have special formats. Essays and manuals are the two most common types of contents or documents […]

Affect Vs Effect What Is The Difference?

There is a bundle of English words that people get confused about. The list of these words goes a long way and Affect and Effect are the two major parts of it. To make the difference very clear in easy terms, let’s clear it out that affect lies in the verb category and effect in […]

How Many Words In A 5 Minute Speech

When you are writing or preparing for a speech, you come across many questions. One that is the most common one among all is how many words should a 5-minute speech have? People try to find a specific answer to this question which leads them to misunderstand as there is no specific answer to this. […]