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How Do You Count Characters In The Text?

It does not matter if you are writing an essay, paragraph, or article, you always have to keep track of all the character counts to know that you are not writing less than the limit or more than it. Wherever you write a text there is a number of words or text being counted. There […]

How to Check Word Count on Google Documents

We know that when you are working on Microsoft word, it is easier to check the word count and character count because they are visible right in front of you and you do not really have to do a lot to check them. But when it comes to checking the word count on google documents, […]

How to Show Character Count in the Word?

When you are writing an essay or an article there comes a time when you need to know what character count you have reached and, in some cases, you are not able to do it. The assignments, essays, or articles are usually specified to some word limit and you constantly have to keep an eye […]

How to Write a Press Release

When you are a marketer you should know about writing an effective and good press release because that is the major part of good marketing. It is an essential part because all the public and the media as well need to know all the latest news and they need to be aware of everything. The […]

How Many Pages Are 3000 Words?

When you are sitting to write an essay or an article, you need to have all the information about the word count which you can check through the character counter. Then you need to know about what the body of the words should be, you need to know about the size of the words too. […]